Soda Blasting

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Soda Blasting Facts

Facts about soda blasting, equipment and Armex Soda Blasting Media “Soda blasting is a process in which sodium bicarbonate is applied against a surface using compressed air. It is a very mild form of abrasive blasting, much milder than sandblasting.

Soda blasting is a non-destructive method for many applications in cleaning, paint & varnish stripping, car restoration, industrial equipment maintenance, rust removal, graffiti removal, molecular steel passivation against rust, oil removal by saponification and translocation, masonry cleaning and restoration, soot remediation, boat hull cleaning and for food processing facilities and equipment and teeth cleaning at the dental office.

Soda Blasting Applications

Soda blasting can be used for cleaning timber, wood, oak beams, oak floors, doors, stairs & bannisters, cars, boat hulls, masonry, and food processing equipment. Soda blasting can also be used to remove graffiti and to clean structural steel. Soda blasting is very effective for mould and fire/smoke damage clean-up as it cleans and deodorizes.

Architectural Cleaning & Restoration

Our systems are ideal for gentle cleaning of brick, stone & timber, for graffiti removal off any surface and for cleaning fire damage. We use a range of fine abrasives including rmex soda and specialist hard abrasives as fine as 40 microns for precision cleaning without damage.


Our systems have a wide range of marine & offshore uses, including anti-foul removal from GRP, alloy and steel, coatings removal and surface preparation of steelwork, pipes and machinery using both soft and hard abrasives. Blasting can be done open both dry and wet with less dust/waste compared to conventional methods or completely dust-free with a vacuum system.

Automotive & Aerospace

Armex® soda is used extensively in automotive and aerospace industries for paint removal and cleaning of oil, grease & carbon. As a “soft” abrasive it will not damage
bearings or sealing faces making it safe for use on all types of mechanical components, it is soluble so there is no contamination risk and Armex will not damage anodised
coatings. Typically used dry through a Microstrip cabinet system.For stripping of vehicle body shells, our Restofine range of fine hard abrasives are ideal, typically used through a Microstrip or BlastMate machine they can remove paint & rust fast with no distortion leaving a fine etch ready for repaint.

Manufacturing & Remanufacturing

Armex® soda is widely used within these industries for cleaning process equipment, it is particularly suited to cleaning moulds where it can remove debris without damage retaining mould detail.

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  • Brick, stone & timber cleaning
  • Fire damage
  • Vehicle restoration
  • Automotive remanufacture
  • Printing & paper industry
  • Refinery & industrial
  • Food production

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